Student Spouse Membership are available for spouses or partners of membership holding students. The student sponsor must hold a current HFC membership and be present during the transaction. Students need to bring proof of 6 months shared expenses which can include a rental statement, bank statement, marriage license, mail, or utility bill with both individuals' names on it. Click here for more information regarding membership policies.

Student Spouse memberships run on a semester basis and must be renewed each semester and are non-refundable.  Group Exercise passes may be purchased for an additional fee.

Anyone eligible for this membership must activate or renew their membership in person at the Membership Service Desk in the Shroyer Gym and pay all fees upfront.

2019/20 Student Spouse/Partner Membership
Membership Type Cost
Student Spouse/Partner


Pay at the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center

No locker option.  Non-refundable.