University Memberships are available for MSU faculty and staff, Museum of the Rockies employees, Alumni Foundation employees, MSU bookstore employees and visiting scholars. Memberships can be purchased on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis for a discounted rate.  Annual memberships run from September 1 through August 31 and are automatically pro-rated if purchased partially through the membership year.

A University Single Membership includes only the membership holder, while a University Family Membership includes the membership holder, a spouse or partner, and dependents age 18 and under that are claimed on taxes and still living with the membership holder. Click here for more information regarding membership policies.

University HFC Memberships come with a complimentary unlimited Group Exercise pass and allows full access to the facility, including a heated pool, climbing wall, racquetball courts, 7 basketball courts, an indoor track, showers, and saunas. Lockers, pending availability, can be rented for a yearly rate at the Membership Service Desk. Locker rates can be found here.

MSU faculty and staff are eligible to either pay the year's membership fees upfront or elect to pay through payroll deductions. If payroll deductions are chosen, a fee will be assessed upfront for the first portion of the membership and the remaining will be evenly distributed throughout the payroll deduction period. Memberships paid through payroll deductions will be paid off by the month of May, but the membership will continue until August 31. If an annual membership is cancelled prior to August 31, a refund will be issued based on the month pass rate of $40 or $80, not the annual membership rate.

MSU faculty and staff members may PURCHASE or RENEW their memberships online here. All other's eligible for this membership must activate or renew their membership in person at the Membership Service Desk in the Hosaeus Fitness Center. If you do not qualify for payroll deductions all fees must be paid for upfront.

  Membership fees

University Single Membership


University Family Membership


University Single Month Pass (Faculty & Staff only)


University Family Month Pass (Faculty & Staff only)