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Diana Cooksey
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GPS Mapping Project Checklist

College Office

Tasks you Must Understand and be able to Perform

Following is a list of tasks you must understand and be able to perform before starting your GPS mapping project. If you already know how to do these things, you are ready to start mapping. If not, you will need to spend some time learning the procedures.

  • Before going out to the field with a GPS receiver to collect data
    • Create a data dictionary
    • Load the data dictionary into the GPS receiver
    • Check satellite availability
    • Check to make sure the base station is operating
    • Understand and be able to perform procedures for mapping points, lines and areas
    • Understand GPS theory enough to troubleshoot problems that may occur in the field
  • After collecting field data
    • Download GPS file(s) from the receiver to the computer
    • Differentially correct the GPS file(s)
    • Clean up and edit your data
    • Assess the accuracy of your data
    • Export GPS data in the GIS format required for your application
    • Understand coordinate systems and datums enough to troubleshoot potential problems
    • Import the data into a GIS
    • Perform further data cleanup and editing
    • Create and print final map(s)