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MSU Campus Interactive Map

Updated 10/22/2010 11:35 AM

Project Description

Notes about the MSU Campus Interactive Map

Tips for Viewing the Interactive Map

Current and Future Plans


We would like to thank the MSU College of Agriculture Dean’s Office, MSU Facilities Services, and City of Bozeman GIS Dept. for their funding contributions to this project. We also thank the City of Bozeman Fire Dept. and MSU Safety and Risk Management for their ongoing support.


Project Description


The MSU Campus mapping project is underway. Students in the Advanced GPS Mapping for GIS class kicked off the project Fall semester 2005. They created a spatial database of the MSU campus incorporating the existing Gallatin County roads layer and the MSU campus CAD (computer aided design) drawing, along with new layers (listed below) that the students mapped using GPS. The first phase of this project included the central part of campus. In future semesters, participating students will map the remaining areas of campus and add additional layers to the map. They will also further develop the MSU Campus Interactive Map (please see notes below about the interactive map).


The Fall semester 2005 students who kicked off the MSU Campus mapping project are Selita Ammondt, Jill Flores, Brandy Gubler, Tom Kingsbury, Morgan Poor, Lisa Reimer, Allison Ross, Alison Smyrk, Jenny Watts and Dan Zyvoloski. Thank you students for getting this project off to a great start.


v      Buildings

o       Building corners à building polygons

o       Entrances

v      Utilities

o       Water main valves

o       Fire hydrants

o       Street lights

o       Manholes / sewer access

o       Public phones

v      Transportation

o       Roads (utilize and expand existing Gallatin County road map)

o       Bus stops

o       Pedestrian crossings

o       Sidewalks

o       Stairs

o       Benches

o       Permanent bike racks

v      Safety features

o       Fire escapes

v      Landscape features

o       Ornamental trees

o       Lawn and landscape areas

v      Water features

o       Streams

o       Ponds

v      Miscellaneous

o       Bulletin boards

o       Waste disposal

o       Recycling

o       Campus Art

o       Mailboxes




Notes about the MSU Campus Interactive Map


The updated interactive campus map was created by Matt Borish, a student in the Fall LRES 457 class, with assistance by the instructor, Diana Cooksey. Matt created a simplified version and a detailed version of the map. The map is delivered via ArcGIS Server.

More info coming soon!


Tips for Viewing the Interactive Map

The MSU Campus Interactive Map can be viewed interactively from your web browser. You will be able to zoom in, zoom out, identify features and perform several other interactive map operations. Just click on the link above and the map will be "served" from our end using ArcIMS (Internet Map Server) software.

Tips for viewing interactive maps . . .

Tool bar: Move your mouse cursor over any one of the tools at the top of the map window. A description of what the tool does will appear.

Identify tool: The "identify" tool (a black circle with a white i inside). It allows you to view the attributes of a feature (such as a building, a road, or a landscape feature) by clicking on it. To identify a feature, zoom in to the area of interest, first click on the identify tool, then place your mouse cursor over the feature you want to identify, and click on the feature. Click the down arrow to see a list of its attributes.

More tips coming soon…


Current and Future Plans


Fall semester LRES 457: Advanced GPS Mapping for GIS students are working with MSU Facilities Services to add to the campus database.

More info coming soon!