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Dr. Karlene A. Hoo, Dean

The Graduate School - Policies and Procedures

Academic Probation and Dismissal

Good Standing

The student has a cumulative and semester GPA of 3.0 or higher and has met the provisions of admission as stated in The Graduate School admission letter, the student is in good standing

College Probation

A student will be placed on College Probation if the semester GPA falls below a 3.0, even though the cumulative GPA remains above a 3.0. Students are placed on College Probation to maintain satisfactory progress for degree completion.

University Probation

A student may be placed on University Probation for any of the following:

  • The student’s semester and cumulative GPA or graduate program GPA have fallen below a 3.0.
  • The student fails to successfully complete ("B" or better) a majority of the courses each semester
  • The student did not meet The Graduate School or academic department provisions of admission.

Dismissal (Suspension)

A student may be suspended from Degree Program and The Graduate School for any of the following:

  • The student’s cumulative or program GPA falls below a 3.0 after University Probation status
  • The student did not meet the provisions of admission
  • The student failed to make satisfactory progress toward their degree program
  • The student failed to maintain a cumulative or program GPA for two (not necessarily consecutive) semesters.

University Withdrawals

All University withdrawals by graduate students must originate in The Graduate School.

Readmission to Graduate Degree Standing

Following suspension, consideration for readmission to degree seeking status within The Graduate School may be requested after the student has completed a minimum of nine (9) semester credits in non-degree status. The student must also achieve at a 3.0 GPA in 4XX-level and higher courses taken during non-degree status.


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