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The Graduate School - Policies and Procedures

    Appeals & Grievances

    Graduate Student Academic Appeals
    Academic Appeal Process
    Graduate Student Academic Grievance Procedure

    Graduate Student Academic Appeals
    Appeals by graduate students seeking exceptions from established University academic policies such as admission, retention, or graduation requirements must be made in writing by the student. Appeals must include a letter from the student and approvals (signature and/or letter) from the advisor and department head prior to submission to The Graduate School. In instances where the advisor and/or department head choose not to endorse the request, this must be noted and the student may then forward the appeal directly to The Graduate School. 

    Appeal letters should include the following:
    1. State in writing, the policy or decision that is being appealed;
    2. Note the reasons you believe the decision should be changed or policy be waived;
    3. Include your advisor’s and department head's approval statements or signatures with the appeal.

    Graduate Student Academic Grievance Procedure
    A copy of the current academic grievance procedures is available upon request from The Graduate School, 9 Montana Hall.


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