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The Graduate School - Policies and Procedures

Auditing Credits

Graduate students may audit courses for zero credit with the permission of the instructor. The following policies apply to audited courses:

1. Audited courses will be designated on a graduate transcript as “Au” in place of the grade and it not calculated into the GPA.
2. Audited courses may not be used on the Program of Study and do not count towards degree requirements. 
3. Audited courses may not be covered by GTA/GRA tuition waivers. 
4. Full tuition and fees apply to all audited courses. 
5. Audited courses will not count towards the total credit load when considered for residency and financial aid purposes.
6.  Audited courses may be changed to credit courses up to the 10th class day.  After the 10th class day the audit status cannot be changed.
Graduate students must first register for the course and then may request the credits be audited by submitting an Add/Drop form with Instructor and advisor signatures to the Registrar’s Office.

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