Transferring Credits

Transfer credits are defined as credits coming from an outside institution, credits taken in the non degree status at MSU, and credits reserved for graduate credit at MSU while pursuing a bachelor's degree. A total of nine (9) transfer credits as defined can be applied to a degree seeking graduate Program of Study.

Individual departments may have stricter standards on the number of credits to be transferred.

All eligible credits to be transferred are subject to approval by the student’s graduate committee, graduate department, and The Graduate School. Official transcripts of any proposed transfer credit coming from an outside institution to be used on a Program of Study must be sent to The Graduate School. If The Graduate School approves a Program of Study which includes transfer credits that have not been taken, this approval is based on the understanding that the transfer credits will meet all standards of transfer credit eligibility.

The following are credits that cannot be transferred to MSU:

  • Credits awarded by postsecondary institutions in the United States that lack regional accreditation;
  • Courses with a grade of pass, credit, or satisfactory (non-traditionally graded);
  • Courses older than six (6) years for master's students and ten (10) years for doctoral students;
  • Courses with a grade below a “B” ; (including non degree courses and reserved credits taken at MSU)
  • Credits awarded by postsecondary institutions for life experience;
  • Credits awarded by postsecondary institutions for courses taken at non-collegiate institutions (e.g. government agencies, corporations, and industrial sponsored agencies);
  • Credits awarded by postsecondary institutions for noncredit courses, workshops, and seminars offered by other postsecondary institutions as part of continuing education or professional development programs;
  • Credits on an undergraduate transcript (undergraduate status);
  • Credits used for completion of a degree at another institution.

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