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Dr. Karlene A. Hoo, Dean

The Graduate School

University Graduate Council

Membership and General Information

Graduate Council minutes

Graduate Council Bylaws

Fall 2014 UGC will meet Mondays: 9-11 am on January 27, 2014, February 24, 2014, March 24, 2014 and April 21, 2014 in Sherrick 114.


    a) The Graduate Council reviews and approves all degree programs, new graduate policies and nominations for Foundation Graduate Achievement Awards.
    b) The Graduate Council acts as the primary advisory group for the Dean of the Graduate School.
    c) The Council meets monthly or as required.
Appointment Criteria
    a) Members must be tenure or tenure-track faculty.
    b) Members are nominated by department heads and elected by college faculty.
    a) Voting members represent one faculty member from each academic college.
    b) The Dean of the Graduate School is the nonvoting Ex Officio member.
Length of Term
    a) A membership term is three (3) years.
    b) Elections are held in the fall of each year.