Application Deadline

Deadline for consideration for Assistantships: Fall Semester, February 1st; Spring Semester, August 1st

Deadline for Domestic Applicants: Fall Semester, July 1st; Spring Semester, November 1st; Summer Semester, March 15th

International Applicants: Fall Semester, May 1st; Spring Semester, September 15th; Summer Semester, January 15th

Required Tests

The GRE is required. Minimum score requirements are: 148 Verbal and 144 Quantitative. For Montana State University, the Institution code is 4488.

International Applicants

English proficiency scores with the following minimums: TOEFL (80), IELTS (level 6.5), or PTE (54), are required for applicants who are not U.S. citizens and are not from countries where English is the official language. This requirement is waived if the applicant has earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution in the U.S. or if the student is from a country where the English proficiency score is waived.

Please see our International application process page for a list of countries where the english proficiency score is waived as well as more information on applying as an International student. 

Additional Admission Requirements

For additional required admission documents please see program website or view list of requirements in the graduate application portal.

Note: Typical scores for admitted graduate students are well above the minimums required. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.


The interface of biology and chemical engineering is fueling a rapid development of promising technologies.  MSU is training our Bioengineering students to be at the forefront of these new biological processes including production of renewable fuels and chemicals, the use of microorganisms to remediate our damaged environment, and development of advanced biotechnologies to improve human health. In a rapidly changing landscape, our students will be equipped to capitalize on tomorrow’s breakthroughs that are resulting from today’s biotechnological discoveries.

The Bioengineering degree at MSU was established to prepare students for this new biotech world.  Our faculty expertise in biotechnology and chemical, environmental, and biological engineering is currently addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Building on a range of backgrounds, our department conducts cutting-edge research in diverse areas of biotechnology.