Below you will find information on past professional development activities for graduate students. Session materials can be found here as well. 

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Wellness Coach Catherine Ebelke, PA from MSU’s Office of Health Advancement, presented an interactive self-care workshop for graduate students.

Click here to download the workshop presentation. A self-care workbook can be found here.

Campus resources: 

•Office of Health Advancement - website, 994-4380
•Counseling & Psychological Services – website, 994-4531

The last First Fridays event of the semester, an individual development plan (IDP) workshop, was lead by Anna Zelaya, a doctoral candidate in Microbiology & Immunology. Anna helped students identify values, set goals and begin working on their own IDP. Her talk utilized ideas found on the My Individuals Development Plan website (, which allows for individual tracking of goals, skills, interests, career opportunities, and more. Although this website was designed with the sciences in mind, students from all academic areas should find it useful.

Session materials:

16 graduate students joined Steven Enoch, educator, former superintendent of schools, and Career Coach at the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success, for an interview skills workshop. Steve shared practical tips, insights and research on how to ace the job interview, starting with preparation, mastering the actual interview, to follow-up strategies which increase success. A copy of the workshop PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

On February 13, graduate students joined MSU alumnus Dr. Nick Hether for a Business Communication Insight brown bag lunch. Dr. Hether shared knowledge garnered from his 20 year career at Gerber.

Resource material:

Developing Sustainable Habits for Success: A Self-Care Workshop for Graduate Students

Health Educator Marie Nelson (MSU Office of Health Advancement)presented an interactive self-care workshop for graduate students. Ms. Nelson led an interactive discussion on the idea of self-care as a sustainable habit instead of a rare indulgence. Students learned the importance of prioritizing self-care and created their own personalized self-care plan. Click here to download the workshop presentation. A self-care workbook can be found here.

Campus resources: 

•Office of Health Advancement - website, 994-4380
•Counseling & Psychological Services – website, 994-4531

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When asked why they attended the workshop, graduate students responded 
“I was just thinking, ‘Man, I wish there was a group to talk about the stress of grad school!’”
“After 6 years of graduate school, self-preservation is a real thing.”

"So Tell Me About Your Research..." An Elevator Pitch Workshop for Graduate Students

An elevator pitch is a concise, effective description about you and your research or scholarly work and can help you create a positive first impression. From a 30 second personal introduction at a conference to a three minute research presentation, the elevator pitch comes in many forms and is an essential skill for graduate students to master.

On February 9, 2016, Les Craig of the Blacksone LaunchPad partnered with The Graduate School to present a dynamic hands-on elevator pitch workshop. Mr. Craig reviewed key elements of an elevator pitch. Participants learned how to tailor theirs to a variety of audiences and had several chances to practice.

Click here to download the workshop presentation.

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"I liked breaking into groups and working on our elevator pitches....It really made us break out of our comfort zones."
"Les was enthusiastic, energetic, and motivating!"
Survey feedback from workshop participants

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"I think the Graduate Student Summit was an absolutely wonderful opportunity to get inspired about graduate work and job opportunities beyond graduate school."  
Exit survey feedback from Summit attendee