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    Andrew J. Hansen

    Tel: (406) 994-6046
    E-mail: hansen at


    Current Research, LCCVP

     Using NASA resources to inform climate and land use adaptation: Ecological forecasting, vulnerability assessment, and evaluation of management options across two US DOI Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

    Progress Report Year III

    Contact: Andrew J. Hansen, with Scott Goetz, Forrest Melton, Bill Monahan, Ramakrishna Nemani, Tom Olliff, David Theobald and John Gross

    Funding: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


    The goal of this project is to demonstrate the four steps of a climate adaptation planning
    strategy in the Great Northern and Appalachian USDI Landscape Conservation
    Cooperatives (LCCs) using NASA and other data and models.. Objectives are:

    1. Quantify trends in ecological processes and ecological system types from past to present and
    under projected future climate and land use scenarios using NASA and other data and models
    across two LCCs.

    2. Assess the vulnerability of ecological processes and ecological system types to climate and
    land use change by quantifying exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity, and uncertainty in and
    around focal national parks within LCCs.

    3. Evaluate management options for the more vulnerable ecosystem processes and types within
    these focal parks.

    4. Design multi-scale management approaches for vulnerable elements to illustrate adaptation strategies
    under climate and land use change. The project is nearing the end of Year Three of the four-year funding

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