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    310 Lewis Hall
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    Andrew J. Hansen

    Tel: (406) 994-6046
    E-mail: hansen at


    Former Students

    Regan Nelson, PhD student

    Nathan Piekielek, Phd graduate and Post Doct researcher

    Remote sending grassland and phenology in the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem: Biophysical correlates, land use effects and patch dynamics

    Meredith Rainey, PhD graduate

    Cory Davis, PhD graduate

    Thesis: Trajectories in land-use change around US National Parks and their challenges and opportunities for management

    Lisa Baril, Master's graduate

    Thesis: Songbird response to increased willow (Salix spp.) growth in Yellowstone's northern range

    Danielle Jones, Master's graduate

    Thesis: 'Patterns of distribution and factors influencing riparian breeding birds along the Yellowstone River in Montana


    Scott Story, Master's graduate

    Thesis: Nest-site selection and nest survival of two primary cavity-nesting bird in Ponderosa-pine dominated forests

    Dave McWethy, PhD graduate

    McWethy, D. B. 2007. Bird response to landscape pattern and disturbance across productivity gradients in forests of the Pacific Northwest. Doctoral dissertation, Montana State University, 2007. 196pp.

    Jake Verschuyl, PhD graduate

    Verschuyl, J. P. 2007. Biodiversity potential in the Pacific and Inland Northwest: The relative importance of forest structure and available energy in driving species diversity.  Doctoral dissertation, Montana State University, 2007.  Dissertation Abstracts International, 68 (2), UMI #: AAT 3254741. 190pp.


    Scott Powell, PhD graduate

    Powell, S.L., A.J. Hansen.  2007.  Conifer cover increase in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Frequency, rates, and spatial variation.  Ecosystems. 10:204-216.    PDF

    Patricia Gude, Masters graduate

    Gude, P.H., A.J. Hansen, D.A. Jones.  2007.  Biodiversity consequences of alternative future land use scenarios in Greater Yellowstone.  Ecological Applications, 17(4), 1004-1018.    PDF

    Kathryn Brown, Masters graduate

    Brown, K., A.J. Hansen, R.E. Keane, L.J. Graumlich.  2006.  Complex interactions shaping aspen dynamics in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Landscape Ecology.  Landscape Ecology 21:933–951.    PDF

    Laruen Oechsli, Masters graduate

    Oechsli, L.M. 2000. MS Thesis. Ex-urban development in the Rocky Mountain West: consequences for native vegetation, wildlife diversity, and land-use planning in Big Sky, Montana

    Bo Wilmer

    Wilmer, H. B. 2000. MS Thesis. Effects of fire and logging on landscape structure in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

    Steven Henderson, Masters graduate

    Henderson, S. J. 1997. MS Thesis.  Effects of fire on landscapes and bird communities in southwest Montana.

    Marc Kramer, Masters graduate

    Kramer, M.G. 1997. MS Thesis. Abiotic controls on windthrow and forest dynamics in a coastal temperate rainforest, Kuiu Island, southeast Alaska