University Requirements

Health insurance is required whenever a student is enrolled for six or more academic credits.

If you have your own insurance you may waive participation in the student policy. This is done when you register for classes. However, you can change your mind and add or drop coverage as late as the 15th class day of the fall and spring semesters. Call the health insurance office at (406) 994-3199.


MSU Student Health Insurance

MSU in Bozeman offers a comprehensive health insurance plan to students at a reasonable rate. For information about the Blue Cross Blue Shield policy offered to students, please view the video below and visit the BCBS Student Insurance Plan website. The Student Insurance Plan is in full compliance with the Affordable Care Act and, for many students, may be a better value than other coverage, including as a dependent on a parent's coverage.

Compare your health plan to the Montana University System Student Insurance Plan.


Students with fewer than six credits may be eligible for coverage depending on their enrollment circumstances. For more information, call the health insurance office at (406) 994-3199.

Add or Waive Student Insurance

Signing up for the Student Health Insurance Policy is done when registering for classes.

Or after registering for classes, the student health insurance can be added or dropped  as late as the 15th class day of the fall and spring semesters by contacting the health insurance office at (406) 994-3199 or in person at the Swingle Building.

Billing Insurance at UHP Medical Services

UHP does not bill insurance other than the student insurance plan expect for prescriptions at the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy will directly bill most insurance plans, including Medicaid.

If a student has  MSU student insurance, 100 percent of the cost of lab tests, xrays, orthopedic devices, immunizations, minor surgeries and procedures are covered at the UHP Medical Services Clinic.

Students without the student insurance plan can get a statement from the cashier to submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.

We encourage payment at the time of visit. UHP accepts cash, checks, Cat Card, and most major credit cards except American Express. Charges for students unable to pay at the time of visit are sent their student account at MSU's Business Services.