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With over 1 million health-related Web sites, it is very difficult to know if the information you find is accurate. I have reviewed these Web sites and found them to be excellent sources for credible and useful medical information. Of course, everybody is different, and no Web site will be able to address your particular health condition exactly, so don't hesitate to contact the Student Health Service to arrange to see one of our health professionals. --Robert J. Flaherty, MD 

Information About Illnesses and Other Medical Conditions

    • Have a medical problem? Excellent information here from the American Academy of Family Physicians: 
      Family Home

    • Another Web site with high quality medical information, from the National Library of Medicine: 
      MedlinePlus Home

    • Also good and very comprehensive, from WebMD: 
      WebMD Home

    • Another way to search your symptoms. More comprehensive, but more difficult to use, from WebMD: 
      WebMD Symptom Checker

About Your Medications

    • Having trouble paying for your prescription medications? Check the Patient Assistance Program Center: 

Public Health and Epidemic Information

    • Public health from a world perspective, from the World Health Organization: 
      WHO Home

Travel Health information

    • Planning a trip to exotic lands? Excellent CDC information on travel health risks and immunizations: 
      CDC Traveler's Health Home


Staying Healthy