Montana State University

Men Against Rape

College Office

14 Things Men Can Do to End Sexual Harassment of Women

1. Do not tell demeaning jokes about women, and confront men who do.

2. Take responsibility to know what is appropriate or not appropriate behavior is not women's responsibility to set limits on your behavior. Ask if you are unsure.

3. Educate yourself and other men. Read books, listen to and believe women.

4. Don't assume that what is funny or non-threatening to you is funny and non-threatening to her.

5. Ask before touching anyone. Double check if you are still unsure.

6. Get involved. Confront your friends about their behavior. File a complaint if you witness harassment.

7. Review your own behaviors honestly. Examine your attitudes about women.

8. Acknowledge that sexual harassment is an abuse of power, and is perpetuated by male privilege.

9. Write or call legislators and representatives to support legislation that protects against sexual harassment. Support candidates who support anti-harassment reforms.

10. Write letters to the editor.

11. Organize men to protest and be active against sexism, violence, and harassment against women.

12. Support women's organizations and shelters, and women-supportive businesses in whatever ways you can.

13. Support and stand up for women, even in the face of criticism from others. Support other men who treat women respectfully.

14. Teach your children to respect others and to be assertive (not aggressive).

For more information call the MSU-Bozeman VOICE Center, 994-7069.