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Department of Health & Human Development


Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Facilities

Movement Science/Human Performance Lab

The Movement Science/Human Performance Lab (MSL) serves as both research and instructional laboratories and consists of the Human Performance Lab for exercise physiology and the Biomechanics Lab. Located in the basement of the old Romney Gymnasium, the MSL is a renovated gym that includes 2,880 square feet of lab floor space and two offices for the exercise physiology and biomechanics professors. In addition, the MSL has an environmental control system that keeps the entire laboratory at a constant 23-24 degrees C and 40-50% humidity. Equipment holdings for the Human Performance Lab include the following:

Biomechanics Equipment
  • Vicon 460, 6-camera digital motion capture system
  • Myopac Jr. 8-channel EMG system
  • KinCom Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • 2 AMTI force platforms
  • 4 16-bit National Instrument A/D boards
  • 5 Biometrics Electrogoniometers
  • Strain gauges
  • Peak Motus Motion Measurement System
  • 2 Peak System cameras with pan and tilt
  • 3 S-VHS cameras for field collection
  • 2 Hi-Speed cameras (500Hz)
  • Matlab programming software
  • Lab View programming software
Exercise Physiology Equipment
  • Trackmaster Research Treadmill (8ft x 4ft belt surface)
  • True 550 Treadmill  
  • Metabolic Measurement Systems:   ParvoMedics TrueMax 2400 Metabolic System; SensorMedics 2900 metabolic cart; Aerosport KB1-C portable metabolic system (weighs only 2 kg and can be worn by the person indoors and outdoors)
  • Collins GS Modular Pulmonary Function System - measurements of pulmonary volumes and timed maneuvers (i.e.. FVC), as well RV via Helium dilution
  • Electronic devices for measuring physical activity:  10 Actical monitors ( by Mini Mitter Co., Inc., Bend OR); 25 MTI activity monitors
  • Blood Lactate analysis:  3 Lactate Pro (Arkray) hand-held analyzers;
    1 Accusport hand-held lactate analyzer
  • Heart rate and rhythm monitoring equipment: Sensormedics MAX-1  ECG 12-lead electrocardiography cart; 10 Polar Accurex telemetry-based heart rate monitors; 3 Polar NV telemetry-based heart rate monitors (for R - to - R measures)
  • Environmental measurement:  Portable alitimeter, two portable wind speed indicators, sling psychrometer, and mercurial barometer
  • Custom-built cycle ergometer for manipulating the position of a cyclist while filming or making physiological measurements
  • Custom built upper body power testing ergometer for cross-country skiers
  • Multiple desktop and laptop PC stations
  • Xitron Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS) analyzer for estimating changes in total body water, limb volumes, and body composition
  • 5 Monark 828E ergometers for submaximal and maximal stress testing
  • 2 Monark 834E ergometers for high power output Wingate testing
  • Airel upper and lower body strength assessment stations
  • Portable broad range LUX/FC light meter with datalogger
  • CompuTrainer Pro stationary trainer for using a cyclist's own bicycle as an ergometer
  • Body composition instrumentation: Hydrostatic weighing tank with piezoelectric force measuring scale; 5 Lange skinfold calipers;
    Omron bioelectrical impedance hand-held body fat analysis;
    Tanita bioelectrical impedance standing scale for body fat analysis; Futrex 1100 near-infrared interactance body fat testers