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Nutrition Research Lab

The Nutrition Research Laboratory is a research-based laboratory is used to perform research relating to nutrition, exercise metabolism, and multidisciplinary research studies.  The laboratory is located in the basement of Herrick Hall.  The main laboratory is used primarily to perform biochemical analyses from biological samples collected from participants in human research studies.  Other portions of the laboratory are used to work with research study participants, as work areas for graduate students, and other uses.  The laboratory is located in the same building as the Foods Laboratory, which is often used collaboratively with research taking place in the Nutrition Research Laboratory.  Research in this laboratory typically focuses on health and ways to reduce disease risk.

Laboratory Equipment

  • 2 ultrafreezers (-80 °F)
  • Several refrigerator/freezer units
  • Fisher Marathon 21000R refrigerated centrifuge
  • MicroQuant Universal Microplate Spectrophotometer computer driven and housed in a Beckman incubator for ELISA/EIA and biochemistry analysis
  • Metler digital scale
  • Fisher Accument pH meter
  • Thermo Lyabsystems microplate mixer
  • PCR UV bulb workstation
  • Kodak Electrophoresis EDAS-290 documentation and analysis system to image electrophoresis gels
  • High performance UV transilluminator
  • Bio-Rad MyCycler thermal cycler
  • An electrophoresis system and power supply
  • Kodak Ektachem DT60 Analyzer to determine blood lipid concentrations
  • Laminar flow hood for sterile work
  • Millipore Elix 3 system for analytical grade water
  • Barnstead laboratory sterilizer autoclave
  • Water bath