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Department of Health & Human Development


Sport and Coaching Sciences

This graduate option is designed for students with experience in applied concepts of sport  and coaching/teaching science. For example, athletic coaches and administrators at any level of sport--competitive, developmental, or recreational--athletic trainers, health enhancement or physical education teachers, or those in the private sector who are involved or interested in the application of sport and teaching sciences are welcome. This program offers significant flexibility depending on the abilities and interests of the student.


Admissions decisions are based on:

  1. Undergraduate preparation (GPA and strength of pre-requisite course work)
  2. GRE equal to or greater than 800 preferred
  3. Goodness of fit and how consistent interests and goals of student align with research and outreach goals of faculty (to be addressed in personal essay)
  4. Relevant professional experience
  5. Strength of letters of recommendation


EDCI 501 Educational Statistics I 3
HHD 501 Prof Communications in HHD 3
HTH 455
KIN 440R
The Ethic of Care
Applied Sport Psychology


HEE 506 Exercise and Chronic Disease 3
HHD 512 Research Design in HHD 3
Electives   3


COA 405 Advanced Concepts in Coaching 3
HEE 520 Curriculum Design 3
Electives   3


KIN 575
KIN 590
Research Prof Paper/Project
or Thesis
or 10
Electives   3