Family and Community Health

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The family and community health program offers a skills-based program that integrates theory and critical thinking to assess and act on the needs of individuals, families, and communities.  Students learn to plan, implement and evaluate programming designed to promote health, human development and well-being with families and communities. Students develop skills and techniques necessary for conducting health research with individuals, family and communities, program planning and evaluation, grant writing, and family policy analysis. Students also have the opportunity to prepare for the future pursuit of a doctoral degree in a family and community health related field.

The program provides students with the skills and training necessary to assume leadership positions in the health workforce in the following settings:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Health insurance agencies
  • Education
  • Federal, state, and local government
  • The private sector
  • The public health sector


Admissions decisions are based on:

  1. Undergraduate preparation (GPA and strength of prerequisite course work)
  2. GRE equal to or greater than 300 for both verbal and quantitative preferred
  3. Goodness of fit and how consistent interests and goals of student align with research and outreach goals of faculty (to be addressed in personal essay)
  4. Relevant professional experience
  5. Strength of letters of recommendation


Prerequisites include an undergraduate degree in family science, community health, health promotion, or related social science degree and/or course work that typically includes introductory psychology and sociology, anatomy and physiology, statistics, and lifespan human development.



EDCI 501 Educational Statistics I 3
HHD 501 Prof Communications in HHD 3


CHTH 502 Theories/Models in Family & Comm Health 3
HHD 512 Research Design in HHD 3
  Electives tailored to program 3


HDCO 554 Devel Theory Across the Lifespan 3
HDCO 563 Multicultural Awareness 3
  Electives tailored to program 3


CHTH 575
orCHTH 590

Research or Prof Paper/Project


  Electives tailored to program 0-6


Electives (other electives can be approved by the advisor)

BMGT 469 Community & Social Entrepreneur 3
CHTH 428 Health Disparities 3
CHTH 435 Human Response to Stress 3
CHTH 440 Principles of Epidemiology 3
CHTH 445 Program Planning in Health 3
CHTH 598 Internship 3
EDCI 502 Educational Statistics II 3
EDCI 507 Qualitative Educational Research 3
FCS 464 Gender, Race, Class, Fam Diversity 3
FCS 465 Family Law and Public Policy 3
HTH 455 The Ethic of Care 3
HEE 506 Exercise and Chronic Disease 3
HEE 520 Curriculum Design 3
MEDS 562 US Healthcare Systems 3
NASX 524 Contemp Iss in Amer Indian Studies 3
NASX 530 Federal Law & Indian Policy 3
PSCI 436 Politics of Food and Hunger 3
PSCI 559 Prog Eval & Policy Analysis 3
SFBS 429 Small Bus & Entre in Food & Health 3
SFBS 551 Global Food Perspectives 3

Total Program 30-37 Credits