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Department of Health & Human Development


Strategic Planning: Departmental

Departmental Committee:

Holly Hunts,Chair
Debby Haynes
Dan Heil
Laura Massey
Beth Rink

2010-11 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Data collection system    
LCD screen to promote departmental programs, activities, majors, etc.    
2009-10 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Increase departmental advertisement; find opportunities to create links on our website to distance delivered programs Ongoing Early Childhood Education Distance Partnership
  • Explore logistics and cost of purchasing an LCD screen to promote departmental objectives, activities, and information about majors, etc.
Link to distance-delivered courses Ongoing See academic pages for link to Extended University Online Courses
Actively connect HHD programs with the larger university recruitment effort    
  • Create a diverse set of strategies for recruitment including pamphlets, flyers, Facebook, items with website address, etc.
Ongoing Facebook undergraduate and graduate pages previously administered as well as departmental videos posted on YouTube (example)
  • Explore who and when trips are taken by HHD members to advocate for our department and majors
Ongoing Individual programs and faculty
2008-09 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Develop a mission for the department that supports the mission of the college and university 100% The mission of the Department of Health and Human Development is to enrich human well-being through teaching, research, and outreach.
Utilize the expertise of a consultant to facilitate the HHD strategic planning process 100% Dr. Tim Dunnagan, Department Head
Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean, School of Education, University of Miami

Agenda, February visit
Well-Being Presentation
Promoting Organizational Change

Model of well-being for department 100% Diagram of model
Advertise and promote HHD to increase recruitment of students and increase HHD's image ongoing Website videos
Design and develop a tracking webpage structure 100% Strategic Planning Section of HHD Website