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Department of Health & Human Development


Strategic Planning: Research

Research Committee:

Alison Harmon, Chair
John Christopher
Suzanne Christopher

2010-11 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
2010-11 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Increase and diversify involvement in the seminar series by including research, teaching, and outreach topics    
Continue providing a forum for graduate and undergraduate research project presentations    
Collect faculty/staff paragraphs related to promoting well-being for posting on web pages    
Contribute to department-wide effort to hold well-being conference    
2009-10 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Increase the involvement in the seminar series and make it more flexible Ongoing  
Involve undergraduate scholars in the graduate student project presentations Attempted Three graduate students gave project presentations; undergraduate advisors were provided the opportunity to be involved
Generate a stronger research culture Ongoing  
Have faculty write a paragraph for the website on what they do to promote well-being   Research committee members developed models for HHD faculty and staff to use; to be further pursued in 2010-11
Provide a training for writing and publication that will help to enhance publication quality 100% Provided a seminar with Mary Ann Hansen that explained how to check the impact of particular journals
2008-09 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Increase total grants and contracts activity by 50% over a 4-year period (2007-10) 100% Grants & Contracts Activity 2007-10
Hire an expert in the area of grants and contracts to support faculty in acquisition of external funds 100% Elizabeth Bird, Project Development and Grants Specialist
Provide flexible work areas that can be used to house individuals who are affiliated with HHD grant and contract activities   Romney and Herrick Research Space
Enhance publication quality as measured by having faculty publish in higher tiered journals No progress  
Generate a stronger culture of research in HHD    

Annual mini-grants symposium and monthly departmental seminar (research, education, and extension) to improve cross-program understanding and sense of HHD research community

78% for 2008-09 with average attendance of 10 Seminar Series Symposium Schedule

Annual graduate student projects symposium

70% as 3 of 10 students didn't present Graduate Students' Projects Symposium Schedule
Provide flexibility in faculty work schedules so they can engage in grants and contracts activities
Identify and initiate endeavors to increase G&C activity around well-being (2008-09)    

Montana NAPA Partnership-Building with Indian Country; Ninia Baehr

Submitted March 2009 50% - NIH proposal rejected but CDC increased annual grant for same project

Montana Kinship Caregiver Navigator Program; Sandy Bailey

Submitted June 2009 Pending

Health Disparities Research Capacity: Increasing Employment Status, Training Opportunities, and Dialogue for Native Communities and Community Organizers; Suzanne Christopher and Allyson Kelley (CNHP)

Submitted June 2009 Pending

Family Influences to Prevent Childhood Obesity: An Integrated Research and Outreach Program for Parents of Montana 4-H Youth; Lynn Paul and Wes Lynch

Submitted June 2008 Funded at 100%

Innuluataarneq (The Sex and Good Health Study); Beth Rink

Submitted November 2008

Funded at 100%

Fort Peck Men's Sexual Health Project; Beth Rink

Submitted January 2009 Funded

Fort Peck Intergenerational STI and HIV Project; Beth Rink

Submitted May 2009 Funded

Physiological Stress During Avalanche Control and Patient Transport in Professional Ski Patrollers; John Seifert

Submitted May 2009 Funded, $50,000