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Department of Health & Human Development


Strategic Planning: Teaching

Undergraduate Committee:

Christine Lux, Chair
Melody Anacker
Ryan Johnson
Wendy Bianchini Morrison
Lynn Owens
Dawn Tarabochia

Graduate Committee:

Mary Miles, Chair
Rebecca Koltz
John Seifert
Adina Smith
Craig Stewart

2011-12 Goals and Objectives Progress Links

Conversion of the graduate program options to degrees

In progress  
Develop a graduate handbook to specify for graduate students and faculty our 1) expectations regarding performance, commitment, and effort; and 2) procedures and requirements In progress  
2010-11 Goals and Objectives Progress Links

Consider different delivery systems for some undergraduate courses

  • Efficiency of delivery
  • Hybrid courses
  • Condensed summer courses
  • Web-enhanced block class one time per week
  • Block class
  • Online

In progress  
Generate a more integrated curriculum designed to address the departmental mission of well-being In progress  
Update Herrick Hall Food Lab and Child Development Center In progress Herrick Renovations
Develop recruitment materials that can be emailed to interested students will be developed for the graduate counseling options Ongoing  
Develop Facebook pages for undergraduate and graduate majors. 100% Undergraduate page
Graduate page

Develop a process for allocating Moebus Endowment dollars to graduate students and do as much as possible to expedite the process in future years.

Begin discussions and preliminary preparations related to the possibility of changing graduate options to degrees.  Ongoing  
2009-10 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining model and how it can be used in undergraduate well-being class as well as other freshman and sophomore classes 100%  
Make several electronic versions of department model available for faculty to use on syllabi 100%  
Decide which department majors will require undergraduate well-being class 100%  
Organize a focus group of undergraduate HHD students to determine barriers and aids to success in retention 100%  
Determine a more timely way to know what is available for graduate assistantships and tuition waivers Ongoing  
Maintain graduate master's level programs Ongoing  
Consider revising graduate classes annually Ongoing Graduate catalog

Objective of reorganizing the Ex and Nutr Science and Health Promotion and Education (HPED) options to be programs with a more recognizable and ‘sellable’ structure was completed.  This involved changing the option name from HPED to Food, Family and Community Health Sciences.

100% Food, Family and Community Health master's program
2008-09 Goals and Objectives Progress Links
Modestly increase undergraduate student credit-hour production   Student Credit Hours by Fiscal Year
Undergraduate and Graduate Student Growth
Modestly increase undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention    
  • Restructure the department undergraduate curricula as majors so offerings are more visible
100% Department Majors 2006-10
Majors Data 2002-08
  • Produce 16 videos highlighting undergraduate and graduate majors, research, and an overview of department
100% Videos
  • New course for EHHD freshman: HHD 100: Student Success in EHHD"
  HHD 100: Student Success in EHHD syllabus
  • On-Track program
  Description of On-Track program
Provide additional teaching, lab, and office space for Health and Human Performance labs/courses housed in Romney Gym 100% Romney Renovation
Update and reconfigure classrooms in Herrick Hall 100% Herrick 307 and 308 Classroom Space
Provide office space for research programs and graduate students 100% Herrick and Romney Research/Grad Student Space
Generate full-time adjunct positions to provide adequate coverage of undergraduate class offerings 100% Melody Anacker
Jim Carter
Ryan Johnson
Christine Lux
Dawn Tarabochia
Increase recruitment of qualified graduate students especially in counseling, health promotion and education   Undergraduate and Graduate Student Growth
Develop and offer well-being class in 2009 100% HHD 173/280 Well-Being Course Outline
Using the welll-being model, address domains in each HHD class on course syllabi   Example of syllabus using model
Reconfigure the HHD course offerings to better address student needs across HHD   HHD Course Reconfigurations