Early Childhood Education and Child Services Major

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Enhancing the Development, Education and Well-Being of Young Children and their Families

The early childhood education and child services major emphasizes the dual focus of education and services within the context of families, educational and child service settings, communities, and society.

The major focuses on early childhood education, child development, developmentally appropriate practices, early intervention with children with special needs, assessment and intervention, advocacy, program administration, and working directly with children and families in a variety of early childhood and service settings. The early childhood education and childhood services major provides a strong background for students seeking careers in a wide variety of settings including early childhood education, child care-related programs and businesses, early intervention with children with special needs and preschool special education settings, child services and child-focused community agencies, state or federal agencies, nonprofit settings that support children and families, and administrators of child service programs. Additionally, this program provides a distance education program to Montana Tribal Colleges and respective Head Start Programs through the Early Childhood Education Distance Partnership Program.

The early childhood education and services major provides a strong background for admission to graduate programs in early childhood education, child development, child and family studies, social work, counseling, and other related behavioral and social science disciplines.


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Please note: The Montana University System is presently undergoing common course numbering to ensure course transferability among Montana's campuses. Please refer to the course number equivalency tool to check equivalencies between old and new courses.

Freshman Year Credits
EDEC 160--Early Childhood through Adolescent Development 3
US 101US--First Year Seminar 3
WRIT 101W--College Writing I      3
Math Core 3
Supporting Courses     9
University Core     9
Sophomore Year Credits
EDEC 288--Signing for Early Childhood Educators 3
FCS 263--Relations and Family Systems 3
EDEC 271--Paraprof Experience in Early Childhood 1
Supporting Courses     13
University Core and Electives 10
Junior Year Credits
FCS 359--Theories & Skills Help Relation 3
EDEC 350--Environments and Management in Early Childhood Ed 3
EDEC 385--Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Ed 4
EDSP 306--Exceptional Learners 0-21 3
EDSP 307--Exceptional Learners Lab 1
FCS 371--Research Methods 3
Supporting Courses     13
Senior Year Credits
EDEC 430--Social/Emotional Development in Young Children 3
EDEC 450--Literacy in EC 3
EDEC 496--Practicum in EC 6
FCS 455R--Program Plan and Admin in FCS 3
EDSP 458--Assess & Intervention 4
EDEC 453--Health & Movement in EC 3
Electives 8