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Child Services Minor

The Early Childhood Education and Child Services option is announcing that they are reassessing the Child Services minor and will be making significant changes in anticipation of the new catalog year. Therefore, we will not be accepting any new applications until further notice. We will continue to honor course offerings to currently accepted Child Services minors in order for them to complete the minor. If you have any questions, you may contact Dr. Laura Massey.

A Dual Focus of Education and Services to Children

The nonteaching Child Services minor emphasizes a dual focus of education and services to children within educational, familial, and community-based programs. Students in the minor examine current research, theory and practice related to child and adolescent development, exceptional children, assessment and intervention practices with children and families, and professional skill development. The minor is designed to enhance the student's major area of study and is a strong complement to human development, education, psychology, nursing, and related social science majors.


HDCF 250--Signing Exact English I 3
HDCF 319--Theories & Skills Help Rel 3
HDCF 356--Exceptional Child 3
HDCF 357--Exceptional Child Lab 1
HDCF 458--Assessment & Intervention 4
Take one of the following:
    HDCF 150IS--Lifespan Human Development 3
    HDCF 160--Early Child-Adol Devel 3
Take one of the following:
    HDCF 454--Practicum in ECE 5
    HDCF 474--Senior Seminar Prof Iss 4
Approved Substitutions 3-6