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Family & Consumer Sciences Major - Nonteaching Option

The family and consumer sciences nonteaching option emphasizes the family as a dynamic social unit and examines diverse families in contemporary society. The program focuses on family behavior, strengths, and challenges using family-specific theoretical frameworks (family systems, family crisis) and research methods. Social, cultural, historical, political, and economic trends that influence family functioning and well-being are addressed. Students study a wide range of family issues including development across the lifespan, changing family structures, intergenerational relations. Additionally, human response to stress and crisis, family policies and laws, family finance and economics, work and family issues, and human service delivery and decision-making are included.

The family and consumer sciences nonteaching option provides a strong background for students seeking careers in human services, family life education, family policy, and financial counseling. However, graduate training will be necessary for students wishing to enter the counseling/therapy fields. The curriculum prepares students to work in a wide range of organizations and settings, state or federal agencies, nonprofit settings, and for admission to graduate programs in family science, family resource management, human development, social work, law, and other related behavioral and social science disciplines. Also, graduates of the program may be involved in family-owned business and work in occupations requiring knowledge of family finance including financial counseling.

Students completing the degree may apply for provisional certification as a Certified Family Life Educator. MSU's family and consumer sciences major is accredited by the National Council on Family Relations. Provisional certification is awarded at the completion of a baccalaureate degree and course work in the 11 family life substance areas. After two years' work experience, you may apply for full CFLE certification. Students must receive a grade of "C " or higher in all required courses as outlined in the major.


Please note: The Montana University System is presently undergoing common course numbering to ensure course transferability among Montana's campuses. Please refer to the course number equivalency tool to check equivalencies between old and new courses.

Freshman Year Credits
FCS 138--Surv Fam Finance & Cons Iss 3
EDEC 160--Early Childhood through Adolescent Development 3
LSCI 121--Library Research Skills 2
US 101US--First Year Seminar 3
WRIT 101W--College Writing I 3
University Core and Electives 16
Sophomore Year Credits
FCS 239--Contemp Consumer Iss 3
FCS 271--Meas Well-Being: Am Fam 3
FCS 261--Adult Dev and Aging 3
FCS 263--Relationships and Family Systems 3
NUTR 221CS--Basic Human Nutrition


CHTH 205--Drugs and Society


HTH 220--Human Sexuality


University Core and Electives 9
Junior Year Credits
FCS 337--Pers & Family Finance I 3
FCS 371--Research Methods 3
FCS 460--Parenting 3
CHTH 435--Human Response to Stress 3
Take one of the following:
         FCS 338--Pers & Family Finance II 3
and  FCS 339 -- Fam Financial Counseling 3
OR    FCS 359--Theories Help Relations 3
Restricted Electives     12-15
Senior Year Credits
FCS 465R--Family Law and Public Policy 3
FCS 437--Managing Work & Fam 3
FCS 457--Family Life Education 3
FCS 455R--Admin of Human Svc Prog 3
FCS 464--Gend, Race Class & Div 3
FCS 454--Prof Issues & Senior Seminar 4
Restricted Electives     11