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Dietetics Option - FAQ

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Q. What jobs are available for dietetic majors who do not pursue a supervised practice/dietetic internship program?

A. Your baccalaureate degree from MSU will benefit you whenever you apply for employment. In addition, there are several professional opportunities for graduates in food and nutrition areas that do not require dietetic registration. Many of these positions require working under the direction of a registered dietitian and they may be in areas of management, counseling, or nutrition screening. For example, WIC educator positions typically do not require dietetic registration. Many food service management, marketing, or culinary positions do not require dietetic registration however a degree in dietetics is extremely helpful. Pursuing research in food and/or nutrition often requires an advanced degree, however, laboratory employment is attainable with a baccalaureate degree. Your degree in dietetics and business courses prepares you for marketing positions with pharmaceutical companies.

Q. If I already have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than dietetics, can I apply for a dietetics internship?

A. If you already possess a bachelor’s degree and it is not a CADE-approved DPD, you need only complete the MSU courses required for the Dietetics option to be eligible to apply for a dietetic internship. You will need advisement from the dietetics faculty for possible transfer credit. You may also be required to repeat courses if your degree is more than five years old.

Q. What memberships should I join early in my college career?

A. You will most likely want to join the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the Montana Student Dietetic Association (MSDA), which is an excellent way to meet other students in your major and learn more about the profession. Through MSDA, there are several ways to develop your leadership skills and to obtain valuable experience. More information on who to contact about MSDA is posted on the dietetics bulletin board outside the door of 201 Romney Gym on the MSU campus.

Q. How do I join the Food and Nutrition listserv for dietetic students?

A. You are automatically enrolled in the food and nutrition listserv when you declare it as your major. The listserv will provide you with information on upcoming events, pertinent nutrition information and web sites and opportunities for professional development.

Q. How do I volunteer or get work experience and make contacts in dietetics?

A. It is up to you to take advantage of opportunities and to know how to manage your time when taking on extra activities. As described above, the Montana Student Dietetics Association is a good place to start. Try volunteering at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, local long-term care facilities, the MSU Food Service, Gallatin County Food Bank, Bozeman Senior Center, the Gallatin County Public Health Department, or health clubs. Any experience working with people, health care, or food service is valuable. Be creative!