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Food and Nutrition Major - Nutrition Science Option


Nutrition Science Option

The nutrition science option is designed to prepare a student for admission to medical (allopathic or osteopathic), dental, or graduate school with an emphasis on nutrition and biochemistry. A student can receive a verification statement if additional didactic program in dietetics course requirements are met. Although the nutrition science option provides a strong background for most professional schools, students must contact individual schools for specific post-baccalaureate entrance requirements. Information about degree requirements can be obtained from the Health and Human Development advising office, Hosaeus PE Complex.


Please note: The Montana University System is presently undergoing common course numbering to ensure course transferability among Montana's campuses. Please refer to the course number equivalency tool to check equivalencies between old and new courses.

Freshman Year Credits
BIOB 195--Integrative Physiology 4
BIOB 256--Intro Biol: Cells to Organisms 4
CHMY 141--College Chemistry I 4
CHMY 143--College Chemistry II 4
WRIT 101W--College Writing I 3
M 161Q--Survey of Calculus 4
STAT 216Q--Introduction to Statistics 3
Take one of the following:
     COM 110US--Public Communication 3
     US 101US--First Year Seminar 3
Sophomore Year Credits
BIOB 260--Cellular & Molecular Biology 4
BIOH 201--Human Anatomy & Physiology I 5
CHMY 321--Organic Chemistry I 4
CHMY 323--Organic Chemistry II 4
NUTR 221CS--Basic Human Nutrition 3
PHSX 205--College Physics I 4
PHSX 207--College Physics II 4
University Core and Electives 2
Junior Year Credits
BCH 380--Biochemistry 5
BIOH 211--Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIOH 320--Biomedical Genetics 3
FCS 359--Theories & Skills for Help Relations 3
FCS 371--Research Methods 3
NUTR 321--Nutrition in the Lifecycle 3
NUTR 351--Nutrition & Society 3
BIOM 360--Gen Microbiology 3
University Core and Electives 3
Senior Year Credits
BIOB 425--Adv Cell & Molecular Biology 3
NUTR 401--Nutrition Assmt & Counseling 3
NUTR 421--Macronutrient Metabolism 3
NUTR 422--Micronutrient Metabolism 3
NUTR 425--Medical Nutritional Therapy I 3
NUTR 426--Medical Nutritional Therapy II 3
University Core and Electives 12