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Department of Health & Human Development


Health and Human Performance Major

Exercise Science Option

The exercise science option within the Health and Human Performance (HHP) major focuses on both clinical and performance-based understandings of human movement. The exercise science option emphasizes a cross-disciplinary understanding of human movement through non-departmental courses in biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics, math, and statistics. These courses then serve as the foundation for mechanical (e.g., biomechanics) and nutritional perspectives within the departmental courses. The exercise science option specifically allows students to customize their junior and senior year course work as needed for later application to health-related graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical physician assistant, sports medicine, exercise science graduate programs (exercise physiology, health promotion, biomechanics), as well as medical school. Additional careers for exercise science students can include those within the health and fitness industry (e.g., those requiring ACSM Health-Fitness Instructors and/or Exercise Test Technologist certifications), corporate wellness programs, exercise rehabilitation programs (cardiac rehabilitation, gait laboratories, sport medicine facilities, older adult programs, etc.), as well as careers in the sport and rehabilitative medicine equipment industries. Regardless of a student's career goals, each student's course work will culminate in one of the following "capstone experience" courses: HDPE 465, Exercise Testing and Prescription; HDPE 489/490, Undergraduate Research; or a preapproved internship (HDPE 475/HHD476). Students must receive a grade of "C" or better in all upper division department core courses for graduation.

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Please note: The Montana University System is presently undergoing common course numbering to ensure course transferability among Montana's campuses. Please refer to the course number equivalency tool to check equivalencies between old and new courses.

Freshman Year Credits
BIOB 160--Principles of Living Systems 4
CHMY 141--College Chemistry I 4
CHMY 143--College Chemistry II 4
M 161Q--Survey of Calculus 4
PSYX 100IS--Intro to Psychology 3
University Core and Electives 9-11
Sophomore Year Credits
BIOH 201--Human Anatomy & Physiology I 5
NUTR 221CS--Basic Human Nutrition 3
KIN 105--Foundations of Exercise Science 3
Take one of the following sequences:
     PHSX 205--College Physics I 4
     PHSX 207--College Physics II 4
     PHSX 220--Physics I 4
     PHSX 222--Physics II 4
STAT 216Q--Introduction to Statistics 3
STAT 217Q--Intermediate Statistical Concepts 3
University Core and Electives 4-7
Junior Year Credits
BIOH 211--Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
FCS 371--Research Methods 3
KIN 322--Anatomical Kinesiology 4
KIN 320--Exercise Physiology 4
KIN 325R--Biomechanics 4
University Core and Approved Electives 11
Senior Year Credits
Take one of the following:
     KIN 415--Adv Exercise Test & Prescription 4
     KIN 490R--Undergraduate Research 2-6
     KIN 498--Internship 2-6
University Core and Approved Electives 24-28