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Department Chair

Dr. David Cherry

Susan Cohen, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Current Semester

Spring 2014 Courses:

RLST 205IH: Introduction to New Testament
RLST 330: Religion of Ancient Egypt

Advising: Religious Studies

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednsdays, 10:30-11:30am, and by appointment

Office: Wilson 2-161


Phone: (406) 994-5202

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Research Interests

Syro-Palestinian Archaeology

Middle Bronze Age in the southern Levant

Urbanization theory


PhD, with distinction, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2000
A.M. in History, Brown University, Providence, RI, 1991
A.B. magna cum laude with Honors in History, Brown University, Providence, RI, 1989

Awards, Honors, and Affiliations

Short Term Professional Development Grant, Office of the Provost, MSU, 2008.

Research Enhancement Award, College of Letters and Science, MSU 2008.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, MSU, 2008.

Cox family Fund Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching, 2007

Scholarship and Creativity Award, Office of the Vice President for Research, MSU, 2006.

Harris Grant/Torch Fund Award, American Schools of Oriental Research, 2003, 2006.

Research Enhancement Award, College of Letters and Science, MSU 2005

Publications Grant. Archaeological Institute of America, 2005..
Associate Fellow, W. F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, 2002-present.

Archaeological Research and Fieldwork

Tel Zahara Excavations, Israel Director, 2006 – 2009.

Gesher Excavations, Israel. Director, 2002 – 2004.


Member, Governing Board of Trustees, W.F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, Jerusalem, 2006 – present.

American Schools of Oriental Research, 1993 – present.

Archaeological Institute of America, 2005 – present.

Selected Publications

Excavations at Tel Zahara (2006-2009): Final Report, The Hellenistic and Roman Strata, ed. S. Cohen. BAR: British Archaeological Reports International Series. (2013)

Three MB II Burials from Tel Zahara. (With W. Więckowski, Institute of Archaeology,
University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland). In Material Culture Matters: Essays on the Archaeology of the Southern Levant in Honor of Seymour Gitin. Eds. J. Spencer, A. Brody, and B. Mullins. Boston: American Schools of Oriental Research. (In press)

Weaponry and Warrior Burials: patterns of disposal and social change in the southern Levant. Pp. 307-319 in The 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 12-16 April 2010, R. Matthews and J. Curtis, ed. London: The British Museum and University College London. (2012)

Terracotta Figurines from the 604 B.C.E. Destruction at Ashkelon. In Ashkelon Volume III, Harvard Semitic Museum Publications. Eds. L.E. Stager and D. Master. (2011)

Cores, Peripheries and Ports of Power: Theories of Canaanite Development in the early Second Millennium B.C.E.  Pp. 69-75 in Exploring the Longue Durée: Essays in Honor of Lawrence E. Stager, ed. D. Schloen. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns. (2009)

Continuities and Discontinuities: A –Re-Examination of the Intermediate Bronze Age – Middle Bronze Age Transition in Palestine. The Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 354: 1-13. (2009)

The Excavations at the MB IIA Cemetery at Gesher: Final Report. (With Y. Garfinkel, Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Boston: Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 62. (2007)

Canaanites, Chronology, and Connections: The Relationship of Middle Bronze Age IIA Canaan to Middle Kingdom Egypt. Harvard Semitic Museum Publications, Studies in the History and Archaeology of the Levant, vol. 3, Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns. (2002)