Montana State University

Recent PhD & MA Graduates

Spring 2013 MA Graduates

Derek Akin - "Vigilantes and Desperadoes: Sectionalism in Civil War Montana"

Jeffrey Bartos - "The Blight of the Federation: James McParland, The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and The Western Federation of Miners, 1892-1907"

Chad Freitag - "Cold Warriors and Vietnam: Mike Mansfield's Role in American Foreign Policy"

Bryan Sciulli - "Seeing Like A Corporation: The World's Columbian Exposition Company"

Gary Sims - "Damn the Torpedoes: The Creation of Knowledge During World War II"

Craig Townsend - "The Struggle to Build a Railroad to Cooke City Montana"

Recent PhD Graduates

Robert Gardner (2013) - "Technological Forests: Engineering Nature with Tree Planting on the Great Plains, 1870-1944"

E. Jerry Jessee (2013) - “Radiation Ecologies: Bombs, Bodies, and Environment During the Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Period, 1942-1965”

Paul Sivitz (2012) - “Communication and Community: Moving Scientific Knowledge in Britain and America, 1732-1782”

Diane Smith (2012) - “Animals and Artifacts: Specimen Ex-changes and Displays in Yellowstone National Park, the National Museum, and the National Zoo, 1846 to 1916”

Bradley Snow (2012) - “Living with Lead: An Environmental History of Idaho’s Coeur d’Alenes, 1885-2011”

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