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Department Chair

Dr. David Cherry

Information for Graduate Seniors

CareerThe study of History, Philosophy, and Religion can lead to a variety
of career choices for undergraduate students. A degree in History, Philosophy, or Religion, will help provide students with the necessary critical thinking skills and writing skills to succed in
many fields such as business, education, government, law, journalism, or counseling.

Career Services

The job of the Career Services office at MSU is to engage students
in the career planning process through self assessment and understanding of what is available in the world of work so that students can set goals and market themselves to embark on succesful career paths. The Career Services office provides a variety of services and tools to students, including connecting students with employers through career fairs and providing self-assessments for students to find their interests and abilities.

For more information, visit the Career Services website.


What can I do with a degree in History?

Click Here to read about career choices avaliable to graduates with History degrees.

For additional resources, click Here to visit the American Historical Association career website.


What can I do with a degree in Philosophy?

Click Here to read about career choices available to graduates with Philosophy degrees.

Click Here to read an article in the Guardian about the growing demand for Philosophy majors in the workforce.

Visit the University of Florida's Philosophy Major Handbook for tips on the job market.

Religious Studies

What can I do with a degree in Religious Studies?

Click Here to read about career choices available to graduates with Religious Studies degrees.

Read this Article in the Guardian about the importance of understanding religious worldviews when seeking employment.

Click Here to visit Duke University's webpage on career placement information regarding Religious Studies majors.

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