Montana State University

Brett Walker, Courses Taught

Courses Taught

Lower Division

Montana State University (1999-Present)
CLS 101: College Seminar
HIST 109: Modern Asia
HIST 115: History of Japan

Upper Division

Montana State University (1999-Present)
MLJ 315 “Introduction to Japanese Literature”
HIST 371: Age of the Shoguns
HIST 372: Japan's Long Nineteenth Century
HIST 401: Seminar in Historical Methodology
HIST 409: Japanese Women’s History
HIST 465 “Science, Technology, and Environment in Japan
HIST 468:Animal Histories
HIST 512:Topics in World History
HSTR 484:World Environmental History
HIST 540:History Methods

Yale University (1999)
HIST 304: A History of Japan to 1853
HIST 480: Japanese Women’s History
HIST 481: Ecology and Culture in Japan
HIST 871: Issues in Early Modern Japanese History

Lewis & Clark College (1998)
HIST 399 “Tokugawa Japan”

Washington State University, Vancouver (1998)
HIST 374: Japanese Civilization
HIST 476: Revolutionary China, 1800 to Present

University of Oregon (1997)
HIST 399: Tokugawa Japan