History Faculty

Catherine Dunlop

Phone: (406) 994-5213

Email: catherine.dunlop@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-168

Research Interests: Modern Europe, Cartography, Politics of Space, Borderlands

Mark Fiege


Email: mark.fiege@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-163

Research Interests: American West, Environment, National Parks and Protected Areas, United States

Maggie Greene

Phone: (406) 994-5203

Email: margaret.greene1@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-162

Research Interests: Modern Chinese History; Modern Japanese History; Modern Chinese Literature 
and Cultural Studies; Pre-modern Chinese History

Amanda Hendrix-Komot

Phone: (406) 994-5126

Email: amanda.hendrixkomoto@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-164

Research Interests: American West, religion, comparative colonialism and women's studies

Robin Hardy

Phone: (406) 994-5201

Email: robin.hardy@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-161

Research Interests: Modern Europe, colonial and post colonial Africa, diplomacy

Joan Hoff

Email: joanhoff1@aol.com

Research Interests: American Presidents

Tim LeCain
Graduate Program Director

Phone: (406) 994-7585

Email: tlecain@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-161

Research Interests: Environmental History, History of Technology, American History

Dale Martin

Phone: (406) 994-5204

Email: dlmartin@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-163

Research Interests: Montana and the West, Railroads, America in World War I

Michelle Maskiel
Professor Emeritus

Email: maskiell@montana.edu

Research Interests: Gender in Modern South Asia, Textiles

Mike McManus

Phone: (406) 994-5210

Email: mcube1820@gmail.com

Office: Wilson 2-149

Research Interests: The American Civil War Era; Politics, Slavery & Race in American from 1790-1880

Jim Meyer

Phone: (406) 994-6798

Email: james.meyer7@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-102

Research Interests: Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Eurasian Studies, Russia

Mary Murphy

Phone: (406) 994-5206

Email: mmurphy@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-165

Research Interests: History of Food in America, Gender in the American West

Janet Ore


Email: janet.ore@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-104

Research Interests: American Vernacular Architectural History, U.S. Environmental History, 20th Century U.S. History, Historic Preservation and Landscape History


Michael Reidy
 On Sabbatical

Phone: (406) 994-5252

Email: mreidy@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-170

Research Interests: History of Science and Technology, History of Mountaineering

Robert Rydell

Phone: (406) 994-7929

Email: rwrydell@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-101

Research Interests: US Intellectual & Cultural History; Museum Studies, World's Fairs

Billy Smith

Phone: (406) 994-5207

Email: bgs@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-166

Research Interests: Early America, Race, Class and Slavery, Disease, Mapping Early America

bradley snow

Phone: (406) 994-5210

Email: bdsnow65@gmail.com

Office: Wilson 2-149

Research Interests: Environmental History, History of the U.S. West, 20th and early 21st Century U.S. History

Molly Todd

Phone: (406) 994-5200

Email: molly.todd@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-159

Research Interests: Latin American History, Violence and Human Rights, Displacement and Migration, Social Movements

Brett Walker

Regents Professor

On Sabbatical

Phone: (406) 994-5201

Email: bwalker@montana.edu

Office: Wilson 2-160

Research Interests: Environmental History, Japanese History, History of Science and Medicine