Homecoming MSU - Be a Bobcat!

Please sign up for an entry in the MSU Homecoming Parade taking place on Saturday October 9 at 10am. All the information you need is in the letter. There is a $5 fee to enter the parade. There are prizes for the best entry so work hard and you may win. This year’s theme is “Be a Bobcat.” C’mon, I challenge you to enter and win!!

Also these events are planned for Homecoming 2010.

Wednesday October 6:
There is a FREE BBQ from noon to 1pm in front of Montana Hall. 
Thursday October 7:
There is a pep rally downtown on Main St. starting at 6:30pm. 
Don’t miss the “Go Cats” lighting on North and South Hedges at 9pm. 
Friday October 8:
There is a hike to the M on with free T-shirts from 11am to 4pm. Midnight Mania starts at 8pm in the Field House. 
Saturday October 9:
Don’t miss the Homecoming Parade on Main St. at 10am
Bobcat Football!! At the Stadium

Graduate students

The INBRE 2011 Doctoral Research Fellowship announcement and application are now posted on the INBRE website at: www.alaska.edu/inbre/
Deadline for application is November 16th of 2010.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Carol Colp, clcolp@alaska.edu

Council on Undergraduate Research -Posters on the Hill Application Announcement

CUR is calling for students of member institutions to submit an abstract of their research that represents any of CUR's disciplinary divisions (Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology, and Social Sciences). In order to ensure proper review of applications, the above are the only disciplines that may apply.  Should your research be inter-disciplinary, please select the division that most closely describes your research.

Abstract submissions will only be accepted by using our on-line submission form.  Prior to submitting the form, students should gather the contact information for all co-authors, advisors and sponsors (if applicable), prepare a short vitae/resume, and poster abstract.  A document listing the information required for submission can be found by visiting: http://www.cur.org/pdf/pohapplicationinformation.pdf

For more information, and the link to submit an application, please visit: http://www.cur.org/pohcall.html

Please note that CUR membership is required to submit an application.  Either the student’s home institution must have an institutional membership, or the faculty mentor or student must have an individual membership.

We will not review incomplete applications. Please be sure that both portions (the electronic application and the electronic recommendation letter) are submitted by November 15, 2010.

For more information about the Posters on the Hill program, please visit http://www.cur.org/postersession.html