If you are requesting the support of the HPA office –culminating in the preparation of a committee letter of evaluation, adherence to the following thresholds will be strictly managed.

  • Attend Prep2Apply meeting in February to register your intent to apply and utilize the HPA support services.
  • Submit MSU pre-application as requested.
  • Prepare personal statement. Submit personal statement to the HPA office as requested.
  • Prepare for and take entrance exam. Submit scores to HPA Office.
  • Request letters of recommendation be submitted to HPA office as requested.
  • Schedule PPAC interview.
  • When completing application, please release information to HPA office.
  • Following submission of application, supply HPA office with:
    • Copy of application
    • Application ID #
    • Any other relevant ID # (letter ID # for example)
    • List of schools to which you are applying
  • Attend interview preparation sessions in the spring if possible.
  • Complete interview report form.

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