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Courses offered through the Health Professions Advising office and the Division of Health Sciences


                It is extremely important for students to make an informed decision when     selecting a health professional career.  Not only is it necessary for students     to individually and personally determine what career fits their skills, passions and     goals, but it is also an expectation of the professional school admissions committee.

                The Health Professions Advising office offers several courses to facilitate     such exploration.  These courses are found under the Medical Science (MEDS). ( It is     worth noting that many graduate level courses offered through MEDS are reserved     only for the WWAMI medical school program.)

    Please adhere to Professionalism standards at all times.


MEDS 280 – Introduction to Medicine/Health Care, 1 credit, (MSU) 

                This course is primarily designed for incoming freshman and transfer students interested in health professional careers.  In particular, this course will assist students entering the Pre-Medicine major (pre Med/pre-Dent/pre-PA/pre-Pharm, etc) in identifying a major area of study at MSU as well as expose them to various health care professional opportunities.  The goals of the course are 2-fold.  One, provide an opportunity to explore departments/majors that best suits their interests, academic strengths, and career aspirations.  And two, to provide a foundation on which students can build their health care shadowing experience and career trajectory.

MEDS 280z – Undergraduate Clinical Practicum, 2 credits,  (offered through MSU Extended University)

                The course will include a weekly one-hour didactic experience for the first half of the semester and then a weekly 4 hour observation opportunity for the second half of the semester.  The first 6 weeks of the semester will be dedicated to discussions of professionalism, HIPAA and hospital/clinic practices, medical ethics, and a clinical problem-based learning exercise.  The following 6 weeks will include clinical rotations, weekly summaries, reading a medically related novel, and a final 1-2 page personal statement. The final two weeks will be spent summarizing the clinical experiences and developing a reflective personal statement.

MEDS 340 – Introduction to Dentistry, 1 credit  (offered through MSU Extended University)

                This evening course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in dentistry and want to learn the anatomy, histology and development of teeth.  Students will also visit various dental practices and learn how dentistry is practiced by participating in discussions and presentations by the local dental community.

MEDS 440 – 40hr Clinical Observation, 2 credits (offered through MSU Extended University)

                This course is primarily designed for students who have chosen a particular career path in health care and now need to become more familiar with their career of choice and the health care environment.  Students within a year of anticipated application to professional school, including undergraduates and post baccalaureate students will have priority for placement.  We also offer a limited number of one-week summer experiences in clinical locations in rural Montana.
MEDS 462/562 – US Health Care Systems, 3 credits, (MSU)

               A detailed overview of the US healthcare systems, providing students with an understanding of the history and current status regarding the US healthcare systems, industry, economics and healthcare policy. Factors playing a role in the escalating cost of healthcare will be identified, as will the performance indicators of health outcomes, with comparisons between the US and other countries.


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