Professional Hourly Request

Professional Hourly appointments are used to hire individuals to fill short term needs in which the hours needed are unpredictable, varied, or infrequent and no expectation of continuing assignment.

Pre-approval is required from the Office of Human Resources (HR) prior to beginning employment.  NOTE:  Per MSU Pre-Employment Background Check policy, individuals may require a background check also prior to beginning employment.

Please complete and submit the following form if you would like to request approval to hire an individual into a Professional Hourly appointment.  HR will email back the determination and how to proceed.

Please be sure to complete ALL fields in order to process the request quickly.


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**By pressing submit an email with the above information will be sent to Human Resources.

Please contact HR with questions.

  Contact:   Phone:   Email:  
  Kasia Maison-Franklin   994-3739