Required Benefits

Medical, Dental, Life and Long Term Disability Benefits—Insurance premiums for health, dental, life and LTD are pre-tax.

  • For the 2016—2017 benefit year, the employer contribution is $1054 monthly toward the health care benefits for each eligible employee.
  • Eligible Employees – those who are half time (0.5 FTE) or greater, for six months or more of employment.
  • Qualifying Events – The annual Choices elections remain in ef-fect for the entire plan benefit period following enrollment, un-less you have a change in status or a qualifying event which in-cludes: marriage, birth of a child, adoption of a child, loss of eli-gibility for other health insurance coverage, or divorce.

Note: MSU employees are paid once a month on the 11th of each month for hours worked in the previous month. Benefits are deducted for the current month.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pacific Source Healthcare

Managed Care (In-Network) Deductible

  • Single = $750
  • Family = $1,500

Coinsurance (75% Insurance / 25% Patient)

Maximum out of Pocket is:

  • Single = $4,000
  • Family = $8,000

Office Visit - $25 Co-Pay
Specialty Provider Visit— $40 Co-Pay

Out-of-Network additional charges apply; please see the Choices Workbook.

Prescriptions - URx

URx is a prescription drug management program developed by the Montana University System and provided by Med Impact. URx uses the prescription process as a mechanism to manage overall care of a member by focusing on producing better clinical out-comes to ensure members receive the best drug to treat their condition.

Please see Choices Workbook for specific Rx coverage and co-pay amounts.

Dental Insurance

(Please see Choices Workbook for specific amounts covered for services listed)

Delta Dental

Basic Plan—Preventative Coverage Only

Covered Preventative & Diagnostic Services:

  • Twice per benefit year
  • Initial and periodic oral exam
  • Cleaning
  • Complete series of x-rays

Maximum Annual Benefit per Insured: $750

Select Plan

Covered Preventative & Diagnostic Services:

  • Twice per benefit year
  • Initial and periodic oral exam
  • Cleaning
  • Complete series of x-rays

Covered Basic Restorative Services

  • Amalgam filing
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics treatment

Covered Major Dental Services

  • Crown
  • Covers the Removal of impacted teeth
  • Root Canal
  • Complete lower and upper dentures
  • Occlusal guards
  • Dental implant

Orthodontic Benefit: $1,500 lifetime benefit per individual

Maximum Annual Benefit per Insured: $1,500 plus Preventative and Diagnostic Services.

Children may be covered to age 26 under medical & dental & other policies. 
For more detailed information, please see Choices Workbook

Basic Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment & Long Term Disability

The Standard

Life insurance pays benefits to beneficiary or beneficiaries in event of death from most causes while coverage is in effect. Accidental Death & Dismember-ment (AD&D) coverage adds low-cost accidental death protection by paying benefits in the event of death due to accidental causes. Full or partial AD&D benefits are also payable following certain serious accidental injuries.

Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage can help protect income in the event of becoming disabled and unable to work. Choices include three LTD options designed to supplement other sources of disability income that may be available.

Retirement Benefits

Participation in one of the MUS retirement plans (Montana Public Employee Retirement Association, TIAA-CREF, or TRS) is mandatory, if eligible.
Employee and employer contribution rates are determined by the State of Montana. For specific details regarding which retirement plan pertains to
this position, please contact the appropriate Benefits Associate.

Note regarding health care benefits, employees have the option to waive coverage with the Montana University System Employee Choices Benefits
Plan. If an employee waives the health care insurance benefits, the employee will not receive the state contribution. Please contact the appropriate Benefits Associate for specific information.

Optional (Voluntary) Benefits

Vision Hardware Insurance  Blue Cross Blue Shield

Insurance premiums for Vision Hardware are pre-tax.

Please see Choices Workbook for specific amounts covered for services.

Quality vision care is important to your eye wellness and overall health care. Accessing your Vision Hardware benefit is easy. Simply select your provider, purchase your hardware and submit to Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) for processing. Eye Exams, whether preventive or medical, are covered under the medical benefit plan.

Flexible Spending Account  Allegiance

Flexible Spending Accounts provide a tax advantage as the premiums are deducted prior to taxes

  • Health Flex Spending Account – Pays for eligible medical expenses not covered by insurance. Over-the-counter medications are not a covered expense unless physician prescribed.
  • Dependent Care – Costs for care provided for child(ren) under age 13, or other dependents unable to care for themselves and necessary for you to remain gainfully employed.
  • Adoption Assistance – Adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, medical examination costs, and related travel expenses.
  • TAA—Medical flexible spending account provided by MUS to employees (based on criteria through Wellness)


Supplemental Life Insurance and Supplemental Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage (separate policies)

The Standard

Additional Supplemental Life and AD&D coverage is available for employees, spouses, and children.

For more detailed information, please see the Choices Workbook.

Optional Supplemental Annuities

Montana State University offers employees the opportunity to increase retirement savings and supplement their mandatory retirement plan or
for those employees who are not in a mandatory plan. For specific details regarding this benefit, please contact the appropriate Benefits
Note: these are optional plans and as such there are no employer contributions.

Human Resource Contact Information

At any time, please contact your Human Resources Team indicated below for more information regarding benefits, pay or recruitment. Human Resources Service Center—406-994-3651.

Benefit Supervisor: Amy Thomas - 406-994-6947 -


Payroll Tech


Benefit Associate



Ashley Shaw


Margaux Lilly



Joanne Bechard


Sydney Wagner



Tanya Giop


Amy Thomas



Sharon Stoneberger (Faculty) 406-994-7303

Kris Wathne (Classified) 406-994-4823

Sarah Bonander (Professional) 406-994-3787


Sara King 406-994-4958

Additional Benefits

Benefits Eligibility  General Description

Annual & Sick Leave

Accrual of leave begins on your first day of employment

Applicability and accrual rates are dependent upon position type. If applicable, annual leave can be taken after six (6) months of employment and sick leave can be taken after three (3) months of employment. For specific details regard-ing your leave applicability and accrual as it pertains to this position, please contact the appropriate Payroll Technician.


Paid Holidays

First day of employment

10 per year in odd-numbered years, 11 in even-numbered years.


First day of employment

A new centralized Professional Development & Training function, housed in the Human Resources Department, was created in 2013. MSU encourages employ-ees to take advantage of professional development opportunities to enhance their personal and professional growth and to add to their skill sets for their current positions. Training offerings in management, leadership, service excel-lence and financial management are under development. Please call 406-994-4275 for more information.

Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver

FTE at least 0.75 and at least five (5) years of continuous service

The tuition waiver benefit for dependents shall be for 50% of the residential tuition. In no case may registration, course fees or any other mandatory or miscellaneous fees be waived. Dependents may utilize the tuition waiver bene-fit to take courses at a college of technology or in any other two-year or certifi-cate programs and to obtain a first baccalaureate degree at any unit of the Montana University System. Dependents may not use the tuition waiver bene-fit to attend law school or obtain a graduate degree. The tuition waiver does not apply to non-credit, continuing education or other self-supporting courses. Dependent Partial Tuition Waivers apply to employees who are employed at leave ¾ time (.75 FTE). Applies to one dependent at a time. NEW! Employees now have the ability to apply for the Dependent Waiver online!


Waiver Instructions


Dependent Waiver FAQ’s:


Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver

First day of employment

Tuition may be waived, with the approval of the Supervisor AND the Director/Dean for permanent University System employees who are employed at least ¾ time (.75 FTE) during the entire semester. Employees who utilize the tuition waiver are not eligible for a Dependent Waiver during the same academic se-mester. Tuition Waivers are granted for the first six (6) credits of residential tuition only. Note: Student, Temporary, Seasonal, or Fixed Term employees are not eligible to receive a tuition waiver.

Tuition Waiver Form:

Benefits Calculator

Available to everyone

Provides an estimate only of the value of the total benefit package for the posi-tion for which you applied.

Longevity Pay  

Classified employees receive a longevity increment added to their base pay for every five (5) years of uninterrupted employment.

Year Longevity Increment  % of Pay Increase
5 years  1.50%
10 years  3.50%
15 years  5.50%
20 years  7.50%
25 years  9.00%
30 years  10.50%
35 years  12.00%
40 years  13.50%
45 years  15.00%
50 years  16.50%
55 years  18.00%
60 years  19.50%
65 years  21.00%



Life/Work Integration


Offers reduced rates on passes for MSU employees and their families.

Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center

MSU offers a wide range of fitness opportunities such as a swimming pool, free weights, machine weights, cardio, and fitness classes, all at a discounted price for staff.

Extended University

Offers a variety of Workforce and Professional Development courses on a variety of subjects including Microsoft Office, web and graphic design, and QuickBooks. Classes are offered at a nominal fee, and may be covered by departments if directly related to specific jobs.


Wellness – MUS Wellness Program offers numerous wellness services to adult plan members covered under the MUS insurance plan. Opportunities through Wellness to help you stay healthy and pursue an active, high quality lifestyle include:

  • Wellchecks: Two (2) FREE and low-cost preventive health screenings (lab work, biometrics and flu shots).
  • Lifestyle education including webinars, workshops, and online resources.
  • Ask-an-Expert: Lifestyle education including FREE consults with a Dietitian and/or Exercise Specialist
  • Monthly nutrition and fitness challenges with opportunities to win prizes through our Montana Moves/Montana Meals programs.
  • Disease Management services and coaching provided through Take Control, to help manage chronic dis-ease or risk conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, tobacco cessation, etc.

Dual Career Assistance

MSU recognizes that, in order to recruit excellent faculty or staff, it is increasingly important to consider the employment needs of the spouse or partner. The University has established a Dual Career Assistance Pro-gram through the office of Human Resources. MSU is a community placement liaison, involving both posi-tions for accompanying academic partners as well as partners seeking employment off campus. This pro-gram is designed to aid the spouses or partners of newly recruited or recently hired faculty and staff to iden-tify potential employment opportunities in the Gallatin Valley or at MSU. Spouses or partners of newly re-cruited or recently hired full-time faculty and staff must request this assistance. Assistance does not guaran-tee or promise employment.

Contact Information

Sarah Rushing, Ph.D.—Co-Director of Advance

Sharon Stoneberger


Around Campus

Renne Library

Resources include access to books, magazine and journal subscriptions, and audio-visual materials. The li-brary also boasts an extensive Special Collections Department and Government Information Area.

Cultural Opportunities

Be part of an exciting academic and research community. A variety of exhibits, lectures, sporting events, concerts and plays are held on campus for enjoyment and education.

MSU Bookstore

Find a wide variety of MSU apparel and discounts for computers/electronics for staff only.

Need a Break?

Check out the Bobcat Grill, SRO Coffee, Brewed Awakening, Avogadro’s Number, Sweet Shop, Freshens, and the Union Market.

Post Office

Provides incoming/outgoing mail services—don’t wait in long lines at the Post Office again!


The Streamline offers free transportation from MSU campus to many places around the community. There are designated stopping points along each of the different routes.

Parking Passes

Parking Passes are available for purchase at the MSU Police Station. Parking passes, if purchased through payroll deduction, are pre-taxed.

Community Links

Chamber of Commerce

Health Care

Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

Urgent Care

Bridger Care

School K-12


Ski Areas

Hiking and Biking Trails

Shakespeare in the Parks

Ellen Theatre

Farmers Market

Virginia City and Nevada City

Yellowstone National Park

Hot Springs



The Emerson- Center for the Arts and Culture

Local Parks


This summary is only intended to provide an overview of Montana State University’s benefit plans. Please be aware that, while this summary has been carefully prepared, the actual provisions of each formal legal plan, policy, or contract govern entitlement to benefits, benefit levels, and all matters. Also, benefit plans are subject to change, termination, or replacement by the University System at any time and from time to time at its discretion, and neither this guide nor plan participation constitutes a guarantee of employment.

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