Diversity Development Certifications

Employees wanting to receive any level of Diversity Development certificates will need to complete all professional development course requirements outlined for that respective Diversity Development certificate level.

The Diversity Development Certificate program is designed to expand self-awareness as part of the learning objectives for each course and as such, includes a number of experiential and discussion activities rooted in self-reflection and self-disclosure.  Confidentiality is asked of all individuals who participate, and the degree of disclosure is at the discretion of participants.

Diversity Development - Level I Certificate

To receive the Diversity Development - Level I certificate, you will be required to successfully complete the first three courses in the series (DIV100, DIV110, and DIV120). Listed below are brief course descriptions.

** Faculty Note **  MSU faculty will have the opportunity to earn credits through the Center for Faculty Excellence by attending the Diversity workshops. For those faculty who choose to attend and are interested in receiving Center credit, contact the Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence, where you will be asked to complete a short form.

Open enrollment dates for the upcoming sessions are as follows. Please check with your supervisor prior to registering. To register for the Diversity Development Certificate offerings, visit the HR Training Registration site. 

** Prerequisite **  DIV100: Exploring Cultural Identity, is considered the prerequisite class for the remaining two
Level I courses (DIV110 & DIV120) and must be completed first. After completing DIV100 you may take the other two courses in any order.  


Level I - Course Level 1 - Course Title Date Time


Exploring Cultural Identity

Tuesday, September 17 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 










Diversity Development - Level II Certificate

  • Future Diversity course offerings are under development. 


DiversityDevelopment Certificate Course Descriptions

DIV100:  Exploring Cultural Identity

Description:  During this prerequisite course, participants will learn about the ADDRESSING and Big 10 models of cultural and social identity and expand their awareness of how these apply to themselves and others.  Participants will also gain skills in the use of cultural attunement and humility to apply in their role at MSU.

DIV110:  Intersectionality & Privilege

Description:  Participants will explore their personal experiences of privilege to gain an understanding of their intersectionality as it applies to their cultural identity as well as that of others.  Further discussions will take place concerning how to take action linked to areas of power and privilege towards benefiting others that experience oppression individually and systemically within the MSU community.

*Prerequisite -- DIV100 must be completed first before taking DIV110 & DIV120.

DIV120:  Implicit Bias & Microaggressions

Description:  Participants will gain an understanding around the concepts of implicit bias and microaggressions as well as their effects.  Attendees will also be able to identify areas of personal bias and reflect on how these may get enacted through microaggressions.  Finally, individuals will learn skills for responding to microaggressions.

*Prerequisite -- DIV100 must be completed first before taking DIV110 & DIV120.


To register, please visit HR Training Registration, and use your GID (dash first) and MyInfo PIN to enroll. 

For more information, please contact Terry Bishop Terry.Bishop@montana.edu.