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Protocol Dates & Deadlines


Submission Deadline (5 pm)
For Review On:
June 18 July 9
August 6
August 20
September 3 September 17
October 1 October 15
November 5
November 19

Confidentiality of Protocol Review Information received by the IACUC relating to a proposed animal-use protocol will be kept confidential and individual Committee members may not discuss any submitted protocol with the administration, faculty, staff, or members of the public. If, following a full Committee review, the Committee agrees that consultation or discussions with individuals outside of the Committee are necessary, permission will first be obtained from the Principal Investigator by a designated member of the IACUC. If such permission is not granted by the Principal Investigator, this may preclude final approval of the protocol by the IACUC if questions concerning the protocol can not be resolved . If consultants are used to assist the Committee in reviewing animal-related issues, they must agree to confidentiality but may not vote with the Committee on the proposed animal-related protocol.

The IACUC is subject to the open meeting laws of the state of Montana and notice of all scheduled meetings of the IACUC are posted on this webpage. Should non-committee members attend the IACUC meeting, Committee members will refer to protocols under consideration at such a meeting by number only. Any non-IACUC member wishing to view a specific approved animal care and use protocol must first request a copy of the protocol in writing from the IACUC Chair. Protocols will be released only following a meeting with the Principal Investigator, the Legal Counsel for the University and the Chairman of the IACUC. Such a meeting will be for the purpose of redacting scientifically privileged or proprietary information from the protocol prior to releasing the protocol to the interested party.