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Top Ten Reasons Protocols are Deferred

The IACUC protocol is the written document that confirming Montana State University adherence to federal animal welfare regulations and ethical guidelines in the use of live animals for research, testing or teaching. The IACUC reviews protocols to assure that procedures are adequately described and appropriately documented. Here are some of the most common areas where the protocol documentation tends to be inadequate:

  1. Project overview is not written in language understandable to a lay audience or does not include adequate information about the benefits associated with performing the research.
  2. Number of animals requested is not justified based on the experimental design or the total numbers of animals do not add up properly.
  3. The use of animals and/or the species selection are inadequately justified.
  4. Research personnel are not adequately described.
  5. The literature searches for alternatives are not adequately documented.
  6. Description of the surgical procedures are incomplete, lacking appropriate detail, or is inconsistent with the experimental design.
  7. Expected clinical signs, potential for pain, discomfort and distress, including the assessment criteria that will be used for monitoring animals are not adequately discussed or described.
  8. Post-procedural monitoring and care, including the use of post-procedural analgesics are not presented.
  9. Inadequate or inappropriate detail of the actual procedures involving live animals.
  10. Missing attachments to general protocol form.