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Contact: Elizabeth Nicholas

Tel: (406) 994-6821
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Office of Research Compliance

Tel:(406) 994-6757

Mechanism for reporting issues of non-compliance or misuse of animals


  • Reporting Animal Concerns (Whistle-Blower Policy)

The use of animals in biomedical research is necessary and appropriate. Montana State University is committed to the humane treatment of animals and strives to ensure that institutional facilities and procedures adhere in all respects to NIH guidelines for care and use of laboratory animals.

The IACUC want to be informed of any concerns that individuals of the campus community may have with respect to the care and use of laboratory animals and feels it is important that these concerns be addressed on an individual basis. Any individual who witnesses what he/she perceives to be inappropriate treatment of research animals can contact any of the following:

Office of Research Compliance,

Montana State University

P.O. Box173085

Leon Johnson

Bozeman, MT 59717

Fax: 406-994-6757


Anonymous Hotline phone number: pending

Any member of the IACUC

Anonymously submitting an "Animal Concern Form" (posted ar all locations where animals are housed)


The identity of the person raising the concern will be held in confidence. Retaliation against a person who raises a good-faith concern will not be tolerated.

The IACUC will follow-up on all complaints and gather additional information as necessary and appropriate. If indicated, corrective action will be initiated and the results of the investigation will be communicated to the individual who raises the compaint.