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Office of Research Compliance

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Federally mandated functions of the IACUC


  • Review at least once every six months the institution's prgram for humane care and use of animals using THE GUIDE and AWA 9 CFR, Chapter 1, Subchapter A as a basis for evaluation.
  • Inspect at least once very six months all the institution's animal facilities (including satellite facilities) using the THE GUIDE and AWA 9 CFR, Chapter 1 as a basis for evaluation.
  • Prepare reports of the IACUC evaluation as required by the Animal Welfare Act and PHS Policy and submit these reports to the Institutional Official. The reports must contain a description of the nature and extent of the institution's adherence to THE GUIDE, AWA 9 CFR Subchapter A, and PHS Policy and identify specifically any departures and the reasons for such departures, the reports must distinquish significant deficiencies from minor deficiencies and contain a reasonable and specific plan for correcting each deficiency.
  • Review concerns involving the care and use of animals at the institution.
  • Make recommendations to the Institutional Official.
  • Review and approve, require modification in or withhold approval of the use of animals.
  • Be authorized to suspend an activity involving animals in accordance with specification in PHS Policy or USDA regulations.