I&ME Grad Program

The graduate program in Industrial and Management Engineering at Montana State University is designed to accommodate a variety of students with a diversity of interests. Our small and vibrant program offers the quality of education afforded at many larger name schools, with the one-on-one mentoring and personal interaction that only a small program can offer.  This lets us tailor graduate programs to the background, interests, and goals of each student.

Students can design their own degree program by selecting courses for graduate training in multiple areas of industrial engineering. Students may also to select a degree program in one of the research emphasis areas in our program:

Our faculty have active research interests and are nationally recognized for their work, yet are dedicated to the graduate teaching mission of the University. This includes providing advanced research experiences for graduate students with some of the most advanced research facilities in North America, such as the Western Transportation Institute (WTI)Advanced Driving Simulatorinstrumented vehicle fleet, and research test track facility. State-of-the-art computing facilities are available for modeling, optimization and analysis including Windows-based workstations in the Decision Support Lab, Linux machines and clusters.

We think you will find that these unique qualities of our graduate program and faculty will provide you with a flexible and rewarding graduate experience that will prepare you for your future academic and professional pursuits. And you can enjoy your graduate education while living in one of the happiest and most beautiful places in the world.