Admissions Requirements and Procedures


To gain admission to our graduate program, you will need to apply for admission through the Graduate School.  

We cannot assess your admissibility until we have received your complete application.

The minimum degree requirements for admission are a bachelor of science degree and a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (or equivalent for programs not using a 4.0 grade point scale).

All students are required to take the GRE. 

All students (regardless of previous degree) must have a background in mathematics equivalent to M 171 (differential calculus) and M 172 (integral calculus), and must have some exposure to matrix algebra (or take M 221). In addition all students must have prior education in computing, including programming in at least one language (e.g., CSCI 111). 

In addition, the following courses in industrial engineering courses are required for graduate students entering the master's program without a previous degree completed in Industrial Engineering. Students can appeal this requirement if they can demonstrate equivalent coursework has been completed at another institution.

EIND 313 Work Design and Analysis
EIND 325  Engineering Economy
EIND 354  Engineering Probability and Statistics I
EIND 364 Principles of Operations Research I
EIND 458  Production and Engineering Management 


Applying to the MS Program

Obtain application materials from the Graduate School website.  You can apply on-line and pay the application fee via credit card, or apply by mail and pay the fee by check.  In addition to the application form (on-line or hard copy), the following items must be sent to the department to complete your application package.  Please send all items together, with the exception of test scores which must be sent directly from the testing agency.

  • Personal Statement (describing your interest in graduate studies in general and our program in particular, and how this will help you achieve your personal and professional goals).

International students (any student obtaining a degree in a country where the official first language is NOT English) must also provide:

Applying to the PhD Program in Engineering (IE Option)

The process for applying to the PhD in Engineering (IE Option) is the same as for the MS program.  In addition, Ph.D. applicants are encouraged to also include a discussion of their specific research interests in the Personal Statement.  Ph.D. applicants are also encouraged to contact the Graduate Program Coordinator directly by email ( so that we can begin matching your research interests and skills with faculty who may act as your supervisor during your program of study.  

Application Time Schedule and Deadlines

We review applications on a rolling basis.  We begin reviewing your application package only after it is received and is complete with all required information (see above).  You will generally hear from the university about our decision on your application within about one month after the application package is complete.

Priority Deadline for Domestic and International Students wanting to be considered for funded assistantships:

Fall Priority - February 1st

Spring Priority – September 15th

Regular Application Deadlines for Domestic Students:

Fall - July 1st

Spring - November 15th

Regular Application Deadlines for International Students:

Fall - May 1st

Spring - September 15th