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RHA is an organization comprised of the students who live in our on-campus residence halls. The main responsibilities of RHA include planning events, activities and educational programs, voicing student opinions and keeping supplies at each hall front desk. There are three levels of RHA on campus:

  1. The most encompassing is the Interhall RHA. The Interhall senate is composed of three members from each hall's RHA executive team as well as the Exec board outlined on the IRHA Leadership page. The senate meets weekly on Wednesdays to consider fund requests, to pass information from hall to hall regarding campus events and finally for the weekly spirit contest.
  2. The next level of RHA is the Hall RHA. Hall RHA consists of the executive board from each hall and any members of the hall that want to participate. Most halls meet weekly and have some sort of fun activity associated with hall meetings. Such examples are tug o' war, name-that-tune, limbo, chocolate syrup twister, and other inter-floor contests.
  3. The final level of RHA on campus is the floor RHA. Floor RHA is similarly set up to the hall RHA. Because it involves students from individual floors it is usually a close-knit group.

MSU Interhall RHA also has several important affiliations:

IACURH (Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls), includes RHA's from the Northwest Territories, Alberta and Saskatchewan down to New Mexico and Arizona.

NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) includes RHA's nationwide as well as a few in Canada and Mexico. MSU is a member of both organizations.

IACURH 2013 & NACURH 2013

As details pertaining to the 2013 IACURH conference (location tbd) and 2013 NACURH conference in Pittsburgh become available, they will be posted on this page. Check back often!