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International LEAP Participants Visit Washington, DC

Long-Term Educational Administrators Program (LEAP) participants visit Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester at an

event in Washington, DC.  A unique opportunity to converse with the Senators and explain what brought them to Capitol Hill as

well as explore the educational issues that affect professionals in the international community.



The International Street Food Bazaar celebrates 30 years of Global Food

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Leadership Marshmallow Challenge“Leadership Marshmallow Challenge” with student team (left to right) Megumi Moriyama (Japan), Jenica Roberty (USA), Ouafae Aamer (Morocco), Ali Al Afeofi (UAE), Samer Hasan (Palestine), Katy Hill (USA)


MSU and international students compete in leadership race

Montana State University students competed this weekend in a series of leadership challenges with student leaders from Middle Eastern, Northern African, and Asian countries.

The MSU Leadership Fellows Program and the international students from the U.S. State Department's Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI) combined for a day of leadership challenges, including negotiations, team building, leadership styles and discussions about current world events.

Director of Training and Special Programs for MSU's Office of International Programs, Janelle Rasmussen, said "this is our seventh year hosting the MEPI students, and the positive impact that it brings to the community and MSU students is transformative."

Leadership Fellows students have had joint sessions and service learning with the MEPI students, including dialogues focused on challenging world issues such as “freedom of speech" and "democracy.”

Mohammad Al Haj Mohammad, a Middle Eastern student from Jordan said “this has been an eye opening and empowering experience, as I am learning new ways to lead by listening, keeping an open mind, and being more democratic.” Naoko Hashimoto, from Kyoto, Japan added “the chemical reaction and the colorful environment are very exciting.”

"Gathering 17 countries is an amazing opportunity for MSU students - we are bringing the world to Montana, and MSU is sharing Montana with the world," said Rasmussen.  From Bozeman, the MEPI students will travel to New York to visit the United Nations and meet with higher level administrators for Fulbright Awards, and then conclude with meetings in Washington D.C. with the U.S. Department of State.

"MSU students will present their personal leadership plans at the end of the summer session, which will include reflections about this substantial cultural experience," said Carmen McSpadden, Director of the MSU Leadership Fellows Program.

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Carmen McSpadden, MSU Leadership Fellows Program 406-994-7667
Janelle Rasmussen, Office of the International Programs 406-994-7602
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