Undergraduate students at MSU have the opportunity to choose from more than 225 academic programs. When applying to MSU as an undergraduate, you can apply as either a new freshman or transfer student.

A freshman student is someone who has graduated from secondary school but has not yet attended a post-secondary school or university. If you plan to attend a college summer session immediately after graduating from high school or have completed college work while in high school, the University still considers you a freshman applicant.

A transfer student is one who started post-secondary studies in one college or university and then chooses to move to a different college or university. If you have completed secondary school and studied one or more subjects at the college or university level and now want to move to MSU, then you are a transfer student. 

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Montana State University offers 54 master's and 37 doctoral degree options. Along with these, there is one specialist program and 14 certificate options. Graduate admissions at Montana State University is decentralized; every program has its own requirements. The Office of International Programs recommends that you contact the program you are interested in directly to learn more about admissions as a Graduate student.

When you join MSU, you will become part of a dynamic academic community that integrates learning and the discovery of knowledge. You will study with world-class faculty that encourage students to develop creative solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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MSU is among the top 3% of colleges and universities for research expenditures, and is also classified by the Carnegie Foundation as an institution with a high undergraduate profile. This means that undergraduates at MSU get research opportunities typically reserved for graduate students at other schools. The National Science Foundation ranks MSU as one the top 100 research universities in the country.