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Partner Institutions

Lui, Shyam, and Victor from Nilai Int'l College
take a break from their studies to enjoy a sunny
fall day in their first semester at MSU.
Over the past decade, MSU has established partnerships with institutions in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan, as well as with some U.S. community colleges. MSU representatives visit our partner institutions regularly to make presentations about opportunities at MSU and to meet with interested students. Close connections between the schools are advantageous to the students for many reasons and they allow for frequent review of program changes and new courses.

Students who attend our partner institutions will find useful information at the links listed below that will help make the transfer process easier. The information provided includes: contact information for assistance at the partner institution and at MSU, admission guidelines, special partner institution scholarship opportunities, course-to-course transfer credit equivalencies, and suggested study plans for students in specific majors.

Additional information available for: